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How to Build Your Own Full Fast Charging Ecological Accessories Librarygical Accessories Library

2023-03-10 09:38:32 nicke 0

In 2021, almost all digital devices are now equipped with fast charging technology, which can greatly reduce the time for devices to restore power, avoid waiting for a long time, and quickly put into work. Correspondingly, the charging accessories market has also shown a rough growth, compatibility problems between devices have begun to emerge, why fast charging is not universal, there are a lot of charging accessories at home, but not many of them can be used. As the saying goes, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This issue of "Charging Miscellaneous Talk" will introduce the types of equipment, the occasions of use, and the categories of accessories, so that everyone can quickly start charging from scratch, and ultimately every ordinary player can build their own ecological accessories for fast charging, so that fast charging can be better used. Cell phone Apple has added USB PD fast charging support to every generation of iPhone since the iPhone 8, which is the most common fast charging standard at present. The fast charging power of each generation of iPhone has increased slightly, reaching a maximum of 27 W by the time of iPhone 13. When choosing a charger, users had better buy a PD fast charger with a power of more than 30 W. The charging head network has counted 40 30 W fast chargers of 23 brands, and the most popular one is the 30 W mini charger, which is only about 5 W compact and portable. Millet, redmi, Black Shark, Samsung, Nubia, Red Devil, Lenovo and most other Android mobile phone brands have developed private fast charging protocols based on PPS fast charging standards, which have certain compatibility with PPS. When purchasing a charger, the user first checks the PPS voltage subset of the charger, and recommends fast charging products with large current PPS. Huawei, Glory, OPPO, OnePlus, realme, VIVO, IQOO and other models use their own private fast charging research and development routes, while ordinary PD chargers can only shake hands with relatively low fast charging power. Fortunately, these mobile phone manufacturers have opened the authorization of private agreements to third-party manufacturers, and it is recommended to purchase original fast charging or authorized third-party high-power fast charging products. Flat plate The iPad occupies more than half of the tablet market, which is introduced by the iPad. The iPad is divided into small-screen mini models and large-screen conventional models, both of which develop fast charging based on the USB PD general standard. The fast charging power of the mini model is about 20 W, and that of the conventional large-screen model is about 30 W. Switch game console Nintendo Switch is one of the first digital products to support USB PD fast charging. There is no special requirement for charging the handheld alone. 5V3A or 9V2A can feed it. But the base mode is more picky, must have 15V3A or above PDO voltage level, can enter the TV mode to output HDMI video signal, small partners can choose more than 45 W power PD charger, all with 15V3A PDO. Notebook At present, as the main sales force, ultrabooks are equipped with PD fast charging, and some are even equipped with PD + DC dual charging interface. Most of the charging power of ultrabooks is about 65 W, while the high-performance ones can reach 100 W. Different manufacturers have different circuit designs for notebook charging modules. Some manufacturers use buck-boost modules. 5V, 9V and 12V inputs can be charged. Although the power is low, it can also extend the battery life; Some manufacturers use step-down modules, which must use 20 V voltage to enter the charging mode. Chargers without 20 V refuse to charge directly. Users should pay attention to the scheme of their notebooks when choosing charging accessories. For ultra-high-performance game books and workstations, the required power has far exceeded the 100 W limit of USB PD version 3.0. Although the new version of PD3.1 supports up to 240 W, only Apple Macbook Pro 2021 adopts this standard at present. These high-performance notebooks usually use customized interfaces and a large black brick power adapter, which is heavy and inconvenient to carry. Some accessories manufacturers have developed a special gallium nitride charger for 240 W notebooks, which greatly reduces the size and weight and makes it more compact and portable.